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Top 12 Sexy Costumes for 2012

The most popular trend for Halloween this year is movie costumes. People are inspired by the image or look of a particular character in a movie and want to feel just like them. Here are the top 12 movie looks for 2012:

1. Black Widow: Dressing up as Black Widow from The Avengers is the perfect costume idea for the girl who wants to show off her curves while still being tough.

2. Thor: Being Thor for Halloween is the perfect costume idea for the guy who likes being the super hero who can smash his enemies. You definitely need a helmet and hammer in order to complete this look.

3. Queen Ravenna: Queen Ravenna is a sexy Halloween option that includes an all black outfit and sexy blonde hair. The contrast between the dark outfit and light locks creates the perfect combination of dominant and dainty.

4/5. Medieval/Renaissance Maiden: You are sure to feel grand and royal if you dress up as a maiden from the medieval time. Inspired by the popular television show, Game Of Thrones, you can make this look sexy by wearing an ultra tight corset that cinches in your waist and lifts up your bosoms.

6. Vampires: Vampire Costumes were made popular by both television shows and movies that focus on vampires and their prey. Buffy the Vampire rebooted interest in the 1990’s, and The Vampire Diaries and True Blood continue this trend today.

Couples can dress up as the classic Dracula and a Victorian damsel in distress who has been bitten but is still in love. For a modern look, there’s a goth Bella and pale Edward. There’s also Sookie dressed as a waitress and Bill dressed in a brooding leather jacket.

Black Widow Sexy catsuit Avengers Halloween costume Thor Halloween costume

7. Batman: Although he isn’t as sexy as cat woman, Batman has always been a popular Halloween costume. From little boys to full grown men, every male has fantasized about how cool it would be to be batman in his bat mobile. Females can also go for the bat girl costume with a leather suit with a short skirt and leather gloves.

8. Wonder woman: There is only one word that describes this look and it’s sexy. The wonder woman costume will make you stand out with red leather knee high boots and a golden head band that shines. There’s been numerous attempts at a movie … maybe next year?

queen ravenna snow white costume Snow White and the Huntsman costume

9. Catwoman: Catwoman is an iconic villain from Batman. This look is especially popular this year thanks to the sexy leather suit worn perfectly by Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight Rises (though she is referred to as a cat burglar).

10. Spider man: You’ll definitely stand out with the Spider man costume thanks to the bold red and blue colors. This is a fun super hero look that can be perfectly paired with a Louise Lane.

11. Snow White: Another popular Halloween costume that emerged from Snow White and the Huntsman is Snow White herself. In order to achieve this look, you need to have dark hair and light skin. You can also pair this costume with the Huntsman.

12. Werewolf: This Halloween costume option was made popular by Jacob, the ultra-ripped star in Twilight.

Overall, the most popular looks for Halloween for 2012 are from the movies. The characters are intense and range from villains to damsels and vampires and princesses.

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