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Top costumes for Halloween 2008

Heading to a costume party this year? Looking for the best sexy costume? You’ve come to the right place.

Finding the right sexy costume is as much about sexy as it is about being on top of trends, popular culture and what’s interesting and sexy to other people.

For this year, we interviewed costume suppliers, watched the best movies, browsed the Internet and used other very scientific methods to pick the 10 top sexy costumes for 2008. They all have their merits of tapping into what many of us consider hot, hot, hot!

The Joker

He’s just the big, bad villain this year and you can have some fun bringing this spiteful and nasty character to life. This requires some makeup, and a few turns around the comic track, but as so many of us like the bad boys, he’s worth the effort. The Joker is the epitome of all that is bad and dangerous.


Consider having Batman bring The Joker to the party (or visa versa) and watch the battle develop!

With his chiseled chest (yes, it’s phony, but still hot), women are always ready for a discussion with the strong but silent Batman.

Whoever wears this costume will have women (and some men, to be sure) wanting a ride in the Batmobile.

Spartan 300

Women, get in line. The Spartan costume (from the movie “300”) will bring women from all over, wanting to see the toga, touch the sword, and hear from a true battle master. This costume is still selling strong, either because of the sexy leather briefs or the spoof “Meet the Spartans.”

This costume is a great idea for the man who wants to get in touch with his inner warrior. Pair him up with Queen Gorgo (or Carmen Electra) for a turbulent experience.


Pretty and sweet, that’s Cinderella. She’s lovely and wonderful to everyone she meets. She’s a princess, after all, and she’s looking for her prince. Always a favorite, Cinderella always brings out our inner diva, even after midnight.

Whoever wears the Cinderella costume will be sure to gain an audience of adoring minions. Be sure to give the hair an upswept style and swish when walking. This costume demands a regal air.

Enchanting princess

It’s a stereotype, sure, but most women love to be a princess. The idea of wearing a beautiful gown, a crown and being able to bring about the allure of a princess is the dream of many women.

This costume is all about fulfilling that fantasy; from its hoop petticoat to its plunging bodice, this costume is a great contrast between sweet and innocent and sexy and alluring.

Racy Robin Hood

That’s right, we said racy. This Robin Hood is more about giving, if you know what we mean, than the traditional Robin Hood.

From her short skirt to her high boots to her plunging neckline, this Robin Hood is decidedly more female than her traditional counterpart, and she’ll make her band of men even more merry. Have a night of adventure, and remember to fight for justice … or at least candy.

Queen of Hearts

Off with their heads, or on with their mojo! This Queen is delightfully regal while still maintaining an air of playfulness and sexiness as well.

Although the Queen of Hearts often wears a long gown that reveals little, even a long gown can be accented with a low cut bodice and plenty of cleavage on display. That’s a mix of playful and regal that the Queen herself would approve of.

Snow White

Who can resist the playful and enchanting Snow White? With her lovely voice, her enchanting personality and her troop of dwarfs in tow (though not necessarily at a Halloween party), she’s the toast of the town, the bell of the ball, the queen of her forest.

Playing Snow White requires nothing more than a playful spirit and a willing attitude. After all, while underneath her lovely dress she might be wearing naughty lingerie, she is a lady and she’ll only hint at the possibilities once the dwarves go to bed.

Prep School Delinquent

What can you say about a nice prep school girl that chooses to take the low road? Her skirt is too short, her top too low, her cleavage a little too … too … much?

She may be a C student, cutting too many classes, but there’s no doubt that she brings with her an air of danger, of naughty, of all-out badness. She’s fun, funky and rebellious. She’s sure to turn heads this Halloween the second she walks in the door.

Cruise Cutie

Your cruise director is ready to help you! From the moment the Cruise Cutie arrives, she’s ready to entertain, to organize, and to charm.

Don’t forget that part of the Cruise Cutie’s job is to be there for you, to fulfill whatever need you have, to make your trip (ahem) the best you’ve ever had. Bon voyage!

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