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Top Ten Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Are you ever at a loss of what to do on Valentine’s Day? Tired of the same chocolates and flowers and then spending the night fighting for a table at an over-priced restaurant? You need to try the top ten things to do on Valentine’s Day. So, keep reading for some great Valentine’s Day ideas that will put the romance back into the day and your love lives.

  1. Send him flowers. Shake up the usual order of things by bringing flowers to his work and do it before you think he’ll send yours. Later that day, bring a special boxed lunch for him at work and enjoy a mini-break. If you can’t meet, you can still have it delivered to him. During dinner, get him thinking about the evening to come by wearing your favorite sexy outfit and giving him a teasing and discreet look at your special Valentine’s Day lingerie.
  2. Give your spouse some ideas too. Drop romantic love coupons into intimate places where he or she can find them throughout the day – wallet or purse, jacket pocket, bag, or car coffee holder. Be very specific in writing out the coupons and let your partner’s imagination go into overdrive.
  3. Dress up for him. Step out of your comfort zone with some hot lingerie or a sexy costume that you choose.

    By dressing in something you don’t normally dress in, like donning a Sexy French Maid costume or some heart-shaped lingerie, you’re telling him that you’re ready to go beyond the usual. It’ll be his best Valentine’s Day present yet.

  4. Make the bed. Buy new, clean, soft sheets and make the bed with them after your spouse leaves or before they get home. Purchase heart shaped confetti or fresh rose petals and scatter them just in the bedroom and on the bed.
  5. Make a music mix. Make a compilation CD or playlist of both your favorite romantic songs. Have them all ready and waiting for when you want to set the mood.
  6. Write out your fantasies. Buy a stack of index cards and write out a fantasy of yours on each one. At the start of the night, give him the cards wrapped in ribbon and let him read through them. Ask him to pick one that he’d like to do this Valentine’s Day.
  7. Go for a walk. Suggest a walk under the stars after supper. This isn’t a night for busy, loud dance clubs. Try to create a space for the two of you to reconnect and discuss your life together; your dreams for the future, reminisces of the past.
  8. Have a personal movie night. Go together and pick out some of your favorite old movies. Pick out a horror or two – adrenaline stimulates bonding and helps create a feeling of closeness. Round out the date with a romantic movie while snuggling under the covers.
  9. Be somebody else. Have some fun with a little role-playing. You may have to plan ahead for this one, but try looking online for some fun couples’ costumes that would be great for roleplay, like Aphrodite and her Greek Adonis or Little Red Riding Hood and her lecherous wolf!
  10. Get away from it all. Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to pick up and get away. Go explore somewhere you haven’t before. You may be able to afford to get on a plane and go somewhere exotic, but if not, just get on a train or in the car and become a tourist in your own state.

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