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Uncle Sam Wants You … To Have Fun This 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to get into character, because there are so many recognizable costumes to choose from. You can be Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, George Washington with those curly locks or a red, white and blue cheerleader. You can pretend to be Betsy Ross, or a female (and sexy) version of Uncle Sam.

It’s at this time of year that we can let loose. It’s summertime, it’s warm, we enjoy our hot nights and we likely have a bit more time on our hands. Have some fun with it!

Patriotic Party Ideas

First, you might be heading to some picnics this Fourth of July, or you might be having your own party. Why not show up in costume? Come as Uncle Sam, or his sexy sidekick, Sexy Sam. Of course, if you’re a couple, you can both dress up in theme. Don’t forget to stay in character. You can even add a red, white and blue foam finger so you can point it at your significant other and say “I want YOU!”

The Statue of Liberty is an enduring symbol of America’s freedom, so why not show up at the party in a Miss Liberty costume? Or as Betsy Ross? You can even bring your own, half-sewn flag to up the ante on that costume.

Irreverence for our political figures is a national pastime (just think of all the late-night talk shows), so it’s time for yourself to make your own statement, while still celebrating all that is good in America.

After-Party Ideas

Now, the real fun can start for you and your partner when you get home from the party. Did Uncle Sam say he wanted you during the party? Well, let him have you. And bring that foam finger… you might need it!

If you dressed up as Lady Liberty for the fourth of July, the trick is not in finding the costume, or in figuring out how to represent the character, but figuring out what to wear under it. It’s hot outside, so you might go with nothing, or with a simple teddy. Who knew that undressing Miss Liberty would be so … liberating?

Now, Uncle Sam might want to get frisky with Betsy Ross. They both speak the same language – freedom, liberty and rights. But Betsy is a little uptight in her colonial gear, so Uncle Sam might have to help relax her a bit.

Finally, did you head to the party in a sexy red, white and blue cheerleader costume? Well, hang onto those pom poms because Uncle Sam has a soft spot for cheerleaders. He might require a little cheering and hopping around before he has his way with you, but what he says goes, so listen to him and do what he asks. Go freedom!

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