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Valentine’s Day Costumes – Does Cupid Have Your Heart?

Valentine's Day Party Supplies

Passion and sexy fantasies mix like strawberries and chocolate on Valentine’s Day. If you have that special someone in your life, celebrate your relationship and Cupid’s favorite day by making a gift of yourself! Mixed with chocolate, candles, some soft music and a darkened room, you and your partner can make this sensual night memorable for all the right reasons.

Not surprisingly, lingerie sales surge towards Valentine’s day, as women buy something spicy for their lovers, and men try to figure out what would look great on their woman. Though most men would say their favorite state for a woman to be in is naked, most will also admit that a little lace is even sexier, leaving room for more naughty thoughts and letting imaginations run wild.

Guys, if you do buy lingerie for your sweetheart as a gift, take a peak in her wardrobe first to see what she likes to wear, and, of course, the size. Sexy lace and satin says “I love you and I think you’re incredibly sexy.” Never only buy lingerie, always compliment your gift with flowers, lotions, chocolate, or even a naughty poem. This will mix romance with pleasure, a winning combination for a night of loving intimacy.

Fantasy Costumes for Valentine’s Day

Have you thought of turning the heat up even more? Instead of lingerie, this year wear a sexy fantasy costume and spice up your evening with a little fun role play! Many online costume merchants have Valentine’s themed costumes available, or you can browse for other raunchy and lacy outfits. Here’s a few ideas to get you and your special someone’s heart’s pierced with Cupid’s bow:

Cupid: Yes, Cupid is a male (or a cute cherub), but the designers for some of these Cupid costumes certainly have some sexy imaginations! With a tight red corset top, a white short skirt, wings with hearts, a headpiece and a red bow and arrow, your presence is enough to shoot hearts! Add red fishnet stockings and red boots to complete this incredibly sexy fantasy costume.Angels: A little sweetness mixed with naughty thoughts makes for a hot Valentine’s night. A white robe with thigh-high slits, a halo, wings and white boots will have your lover turning into a passionate devil!

Fantasy Goddess: Mix desire and elegance with a long flowing gown, a red corset and wings. With strappy heels, a wig with flowing locks, and heart-shaped jewelry, you’ll be the perfect erotic fantasy goddess. Mix with candles, hand-fed fruit and soft music to complete the evening.

Godyssey  Venus Goddess Of Beauty  Adult
Sexy Cupid Cutie Adult M/L

Guys, we haven’t forgotten about you! Here’s some ideas to treat your partner:

Slave: If your partner is Cupid, you are Cupid’s love slave! A Roman soldier under her spell, that is. Try to escape her snares and have her chase you, until you turn the tables and capture her!Cowboy: With your boots, cowboy hat and attitude, capture your sweet Valentine with your lasso!

Horny Devil: If you already have a devil’s costume from last Halloween, modify it with the horns and a pair of red boxer shorts! An excellent match, especially if she’s dressed as an innocent (or naughty) angel.

Sugar Daddy: Be cool and sexy in a long jacket, matching pants, and gold chains around your neck. Slowly strip for her, ultimately revealing that you have nothing on underneath! Feed her luscious chocolate as you strip (After all, you are her ‘sugar’ daddy.)

Roman Hunk  Adult
Sugar Bear Pimp  Adult

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