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What to Get A Guy for Valentine’s Day

Love can have you feeling on the top of the world, especially on Valentine’s Day. The only problem with the celebration is that the typical trappings of Valentine’s Day – cherubs, flowers, jewelry and chocolates – aren’t exactly on the top of every guy’s wanted list. So while he’s ordering flowers for you on-line and making dinner reservations, you’ll need to come up with some great gift ideas quickly.

What does a man really want for Valentine’s Day? We say: ask a real man! In fact, that’s exactly what we did…and some of the answers were surprising.

Look below for the ten top gifts that regular guys (just like yours) say will go straight to the heart this Valentine’s Day.

Cook an Elaborate Dinner for Two
Don’t worry if you’re all thumbs in the kitchen. In fact, if it’s more of an effort, it will mean all the more to your man. Whether it’s fried banana sandwiches (a la Elvis) for your very own King, French spring stew (delicious and oh so easy to make) or chicken with warm sides in a picnic basket, serve it up with a smile. Then dim the lights, cuddle up and feed each other love bites of your special meal.

Be on His Team
Yes, believe it or not, tickets to see his favorite sports game play really can be a romantic gift. Buying tickets for two shows him that you love him enough to want to share what he enjoys most. (To start the games early, try hiding his special present somewhere on your person and telling him it’s hunting season!)

Picture This
He’ll smile at your practicality in buying him a new wallet…then melt when he sees what’s inside. Your secret love weapon: Before wrapping the gift, you’ve placed a cozy picture of the two of you in the photo fold-out, then slipped a love note in the billfold.

His First Time
We’re willing to bet that even if you’ve been together for years…he’s never won an argument between the two of you. There’s a first time for everything when you give him a “You Win!” card. It’s good for one free win during your next argument. You can even laminate the card, if you wish; this is quick and inexpensive to do. Either write it out yourself or use a font from your computer’s document program and perhaps a silly jailbird piece of clipart.

Up at Sunrise
Guess what? Breakfast in bed is still popular…especially with today’s man. Add spice to your “presentation” by serving it to him in a teddy, a peek-a-boo sexy apron…or nothing at all.

Live Out a Fantasy
Remember the Princess Leia episode of “Friends”? My guy friends still dream of that episode, and they aren’t all geeks! Slip into something a little more wild with a “bad lady cop,” “naughty Valentine” or “truant schoolgirl” getup. It’s a “gift” any man will appreciate…and may even lead to more role playing ideas in the future!

Sweep Him Off His Feet
Women often say they’d be delighted with a special gift of “Honey, pack a bag…we’re going away for the weekend!”, followed by a romantic getaway. Men love this sort of surprise and attention too. Even if you’re strapped for funds, you may be able to scout out an economic but romantic bed-and-breakfast or a hotel stay that offers one free meal at a lovely restaurant. Spoil him…the rewards will be worth it.

Love Notes
Use your computer and printer for this special idea. Print several “tickets” per page with various offers such as “This coupon is good for one free foot massage” or “Ask for one back rub, free of charge”. Then cut them in horizontal rows, fold each and staple them together in the center to form a little booklet. He can pull one out when he needs a little petting from his pet.

Material Boy
Buy a bottle of that special, luxury drink he likes. Does your boyfriend or husband love single or double malt? A special year of wine? Splurge a bit, and pick something he wouldn’t usually just buy for himself. He’ll love a present that you’ve chosen exclusively for his tastes.

Memory Lane
For the sentimental boyfriend or husband, create a memory book made up of souvenirs and pictures from one of your most memorable dates or vacations. For example, find your old travel receipts for a recent vacation, the best pictures of the two of you, a map with the destination circled and something you brought back with you. Include a note that reminds him of all the sexy things you did while you were away.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas as much as we’ve enjoyed listing them (and in some cases, trying them out). Get creative with your own unique take on any of the above ideas…and have a happy and very spicy Valentine’s Day!

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