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Vampire Costumes – It’s All About the Necking

Seriously, neck sucking has got to be one of the single most pleasurable things you can do with your clothes on. No wonder vampires have been doing it for hundreds of years. Even Geisha girls leave some of the nape of their neck bare, without makeup. Are they inviting vampire attacks? I would.

Vampires, like the aristocratic Count Dracula, can turn into bats and fly. How sexy is that? Isn’t flying one of the most common dreams / fantasies? And the idea of flying away with your vampire lover to the top of some abandoned medieval castle just reeks of romance. That whole living undead thing and stealing cows and rats, not so much. Thank goodness for role-playing. You can pick and choose which elements of vampirism you like best.

The Allure of the Vampire

Vampires are the ultimate bad boys. Once bitten, you’re forever part of their world, immortal and thirsting for the same thing. Immortal and vulnerable, full of thirst and sadness, destined to an eternity of lust. The role-playing involved in vampire costumes can take many forms.

There’s also something swinger-ish about Vampire love. Even if you manage to capture her heart and spend eternity together, you’ll both still be looking for blood. You must know that she’ll be sucking on someone else’s neck the following week, and so will you. Once you’ve satisfied your needs there will always be something that you can no longer provide for one another – it’s always unrequited. The hunger always grows.

Vampire Costumes

It’s all about being a dark and dangerous stranger. The ultimate Gothic and debonair vampire will have his roots in Victorian society. Because of that, look for a velvet or white vest over a white satin shirt with collar and cuffs. Wear Sharp black pants and black dress shoes. White gloves add an operatic touch. A sweeping black velvet cape completes the look. Slick your hair back, and of course you need the fangs. Finish with Gothic jewelry, such as a heavy chain with a ruby or medallion, and large rings on your fingers (if your not going for the gloves.) You can also watch Bela Lugosi to see his eternal ensemble.

Your paramour female vampire can wear any gothic costume – from a long elaborate gown to a short, sexy countess dress.

Vampire Makeup

When you apply white face makeup, be sure to moisturize your face thoroughly and then wait several minutes. Blot excess moisturizer from your skin and apply cornstarch or translucent face powder with a brush. A vampire’s white skin is meant to look natural, and not like a clown or a mime. An alternative is to use a creamy white face makeup and blot away any excess with a paper towel. Be sure that other areas of skin you expose look washed out, too.

Make your eyes look sunken and hollow by using black or grey eye shadow. Smudging a teeny bit underneath your eyes and more above your eyelids gives the classic skeletal vampire look that comes from an ungodly eternal life. Use the same grey powder in the hollows of your cheek and neck bones to make your skeleton stand out.

Fake blood, applied in two spots on the neck to simulate your bite, is characteristic of vampire Halloween costumes.

Alternative Vampire couples costumes could be a Vampire man walking into a party with an unsuspecting 1960’s schoolgirl. Aristocratic wigs and formalwear companied with a vampire complexion, fangs and blood are also notoriously popular costumes.

Masquerade and Mardi Gras vampires are also popular. The allure of a masked man in a cape is historic. Remember Zorro? His sexiness was completely stolen from a vampire.

No matter which kind of vampire costume you choose, be sure you get a high quality pair of costume fangs. The silly plastic ones from a vending machine won’t do – mine fell out two minutes into a party. Get the ones that have a waxed or epoxy filler that keeps them in place.

If going as a pair, communicate with your vampire-lover to be. Will you both be sexy vampires in a long cape, lingerie, or party wear? Or will she be the innocent girl being seduced by your vampire charms? From Dracula to Spike and Angel, there are enough vampire possibilities to keep you busy for an eternity.

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