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Vampiress Costume Ideas

Take a real bite out of your prey this Halloween. The vampiress is the ultimate Halloween costume, one that combines a seductive and sexy appeal with the darkness and gore of the holiday. This article includes some great background on the vampire costume, ideas on how to make your vampiress costume really pop, and tips on how to play the part of the sexy vampire this Halloween.

Vampire History

Deeply rooted in Slavic and European folklore, the vampire is an old legend. However, the classic image of the vampire and vampiress was made popular and solidified mostly by Bram Stoker’s classic, Dracula. By combining imagery and stories from the multitude of vampire folk tales, Stoker created the Vampire persona, one soaked in undertones of sex, death, and blood.

The vampire’s urge for blood is almost matched by a seemingly insatiable sexual desire and a hyper sense of sensuality. While the creature is dark and gothic, she also exudes sexuality and magnetism. In modern culture, you see this seductress idea reinforced by books like Anne Rice’s vampire series and even, surprisingly, the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show.

How to Create a Great Vampire Outfit for Halloween

Anyone can throw on a pair of fangs and call it a day, but you can make your dark and sexy costume stand out from the pack. Your overall look should be lurid and gothic. And, though the vampiress is sombre and foreboding, one should never forget her hyper sexuality. Try using lace and low-cut fabrics to play up that dark, sensual side.

Use props like an inverted cross, fake bat, and a classic Dracula collar to really emphasize your look. For your makeup, use powder for very pale skin and dark lipstick for blood red lips. Add a few drops of fake blood to the outer corners of the mouth and top off the face with dark and smoky eyes.

To invoke images of a classic gothic creature, try wearing your hair completely wild and disheveled. Tease it and spray it with hairspray to get the right look. Otherwise, go for a Dracula-esque style with a tightly controlled and slicked back up-do.

For an absolutely sexy costume, be sure to wear black fishnets and ultra-high heels – either deadly boots or classic Mary Jane’s. Wearing black or lacy gloves will also add to your vampiress look.

Playing the Part of the Sexy Vampiress

The sultry vampiress is a drop dead gorgeous woman – literally. So, while you’re a sexy seductress, never forget that you’re a dangerously deadly creature out for blood.

You can play up the vampiress role at your Halloween party by only drinking Bloody Marys or Sangrita, a spicy tomato and tequila drink that resembles blood, or pretending to have a fascination with the other guest’s necks and visible veins. You can also have fun with the part by making jokes about how you’re “trying not to suck the life out of the party,” or dressing your partner up as a fellow vampire. You two can take turns telling vampire jokes or playing with stakes. A little cheesy, but a lot of fun.

So, whether you’re deadly serious or having a bit of a laugh, the vampiress will always be a sexy Halloween costume. Wear it well, and always be on the lookout for your necks’ victim.

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