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Why do we Wear Sexy Costumes?

Ah, good ol’ Halloween! The time to dress in a cool costume, shout into the night, and flirt, tease and act sexy. No, of course I’m not talking about kids going door to door collecting candy! We’re all adults now, and I’m talking about costume parties! So, why would an otherwise ordinary guy or gal suddenly transform into a wild creature and dance the night away in a sexy costume?

Well, we all know we have to act mature and serious, wear dress pants and blouse or tie, survive through those boring office meetings, and go home to make dinner, clean the house, and shoulder the responsibility of home ownership or act as good role models to our children. Is that all that’s left for us after growing up? Heck no!

So, like I said, good ol’ Halloween. Or any excuse to dress up, be it for Mardi Gras, New Year’s, or somebody’s birthday. We never loose our inner kid, our wild youth, our spirit of life. We still want to howl at the moon, play tricks on people, run around like crazy, and inundate ourselves in the feeling of falling in love. If you don’t exercise, you loose your muscle tone and your energy. The same is true of the mind. If you don’t regularly energize it with sexual fantasies, wild emotions and excitement, your life will turn drab and monotonous, and your love life will disappear for lack of interest.

Dressing up in costumes is one popular way to release the pent-up desires and emotions that is a psychological need in all of us. It’s true that the clothing makes the person. If you’re suddenly a sultry feline, a sexy maid, a naughty school girl or a wild pirate, you can’t help but have fun! You shed your inhibitions, reignite the flame you might have temporarily extinguished under loads of paperwork, and you can express the real you. That you is the same fun-loving, spirited and sexy person you’ve always been!

If you’re a couple, there will be times when outside pressures, responsibilities and lack of time will drain the color from a relationship. Dressing as a sexy fantasy couple, be it a lusty wolf and Red Riding Hood, Antony and Cleopatra, or a love doctor and sultry nurse, will allow you both to spend the night seducing one another. It’s the perfect way to remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place. And if you’re single – well, feel the thrill once you notice eyeballs heading your way.

Just like a kid, adults can play dress up too, and costume parties are the perfect outlet to let go and have fun with other people. So, be bold, creative and act out your fantasies every once in a while. Life will thank you for it!

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