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Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman has been made over several times since her creation in 1941. Always a cutting edge female, challenging the stereotype and staying a step ahead of the general population, this girl has a lot on her platter. In addition to representing all the best qualities of womanhood – nurturing, kind, helpful, compassionate – she’s also quite capable of giving a good ass whooping!

She is Princess Diana, strongest of the Amazons, in the service of Aphrodite. In Greek mythology, the all-female Amazon warriors were captured and turned to slaves by the charms and trickery of that uber-male, Hercules. In anger, Aphrodite freed them, but told them to continue to wear the bracelets of their broken chains as a reminder to never be subservient to men.

Wonder Woman’s creator, Dr. Marston, was also the inventor of the polygraph machine. Whether or not he was trying to invent a Magic Lasso of his own remains to be seen, but clearly the lie-detecting golden rope that Wonder Woman used was for more than just decoration.

Wonder Woman Costumes

There are certain parts of Wonder Woman’s Costumes that simply must be in place. There’s the sexy red bustier and the striped go-go boots, and the blue starred bikini briefs (shown as a skirt in earlier years). In some years, she also wore a cape, which would be a great addition if you wanted to hide your backside a little, or even to keep warm on Halloween.

Other parts of the costume, like the golden tiara, are also important. Wonder Woman’s tiara, aside from keeping her bangs out of her eyes while she’s fighting injustice, doubles as a weapon. She’s been known to remove it in a pinch and hurl it at her enemies, like a boomerang.

Her bracelets, also golden, were originally formed from the remains of the shield of Greek God Zeus. When under attack, Wonder Woman would hold up her bracelets to deflect bullets from automatic weapons, laser rays and energy blasts.

Wonder Woman’s hair, although not specifically magical, was an extremely popular style while the television series aired from 1975-1979. It simply wouldn’t do to try and dress as Wonder Woman without the big wavy late 1970’s style. If your hair is long you can use hot rollers, a can of Aqua Net and strategic backcombing to duplicate the look at home. If it’s short you might want to be sure you order a Wonder Woman Wig, too.

If you want to bring Wonder Woman into the bedroom, be sure to wash the hair spray off before going to sleep – it’s vicious on the skin, and has been known to cause pimples! He might be going to bed with Wonder Woman, but let him wake up with you.

Keep in mind that Wonder Woman is immune to mind control and illusions. She dominates the situation. She has super stamina, reflexes and hearing. She also flies. Good luck with that one!

The Magic Lasso

The Magic Lasso, commonly called the Lasso of Truth, was made from the golden girdle of Ancient Greek Goddess Gaea. Infused with a magical aura from the Fires of Hestia, anyone whom her lasso snares becomes truthful, can remember things long forgotten and can even be cured of insanity.

If your Wonder Woman costume doesn’t come with a golden Lasso of Truth, you can purchase a thin golden nylon rope from your local fabric store. Many men have fantasies about being “caught” by the magic lasso and costume makers often send just a decorative rope. That’s fine for looks but if you really want to make his Wonder Woman fantasies come to life, you might wanna make sure your rope is long and sturdy enough!

Wonder Woman and Superman weren’t really romantic partners; they worked together at the Justice League. Even though Wonder Woman has more strength and power than her male counterparts, she was technically the secretary. Figures!

If you’ve got a Halloween party to go to and you want to go as a couple, you could have your husband or boyfriend dress as Superman, just try and keep your relationship a secret, because so far the tabloids haven’t gotten wind of it. You could also have him wear a Spiderman Costume, Batman or the Green Lantern. For well-read comic fans, most would understand and snicker if your partner came as Hercules (especially Hercules tied up!)

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