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Woodland Fairy Costumes

This tends to the adult and much more sensual version of a fantasy costume. Whereas little girls love to dress up as princesses, grown-up girls love to dress up as fairies. Though these characters exist in a natural setting, they offer great mystery and allure to them. Perhaps that is what draws in so many women into this costume idea. If you want to embrace the most exotic and yet most beautiful woman costume idea out there, then this may be your best bet.

The Perfect Little Fairy

amy brown woodland fairy costumeThough you could make your own, there are some great costumes out there if you decide that you really want to be a fairy. There is a great line of Amy Brown costumes based on her drawings surrounding these mythical creatures. They are full of elegance and grace and yet seem to have that little bit of mischief to them as well.

These sensual fairy costumes usually start with a form fitting and sexy, yet tasteful dress as the starting point of the costume. So as to come off from more of an adult point of view, these tend to be in earth tones like olive rather than in a pretty pink like a girlish fairy princess costume.

Since the color celebrates the earthy natural feeling of a fairy, the rest of the costume fits in well with it. The wings are of course essential to the fairy look and even they are delicately created and shown with such grace that only a girlie girl could pick this look up and run with it.

From Head to Toe

woodland fairySince these sensual but classic fairy costumes are all about femininity this needs to be carried out from head to toe. This is why the look needs to be focused on even in the shoes. You can go for a flat or even a ballet slipper that shows off the elegance of this little costume.

A perfect choker in an earth tone shows off the natural beauty of this costume. There are some costumes where the choker comes with or you can even use your own to really make it shine. The Amy Brown line of costumes are quite comprehensive but you can create your own fairy look just as easily if you want.

The dress with the fitted bodice and lower cut top is what helps to make this a sensual look. You can also help to add to that with the perfectly, very feminine, flowing hair that shows off that you are a woman. Since this is a very natural look you also want to make sure that you go with minimal make up so as to not distract from the natural elegance that is this costume.

The woodland fairy is a great way for a woman to feel like a princess but yet go for it in a more natural way. You want to try to stick to earth tones if you are using your own dress and accessories to carry off the look.

The wings are of course one of the most important parts and therefore you want to find some that are flowing and beautiful. Never confuse the fairy with the princess because there is a difference between glamorous and naturally sensual. Embrace your femininity, be confident and a bit mysterious, and that will help you to be a gorgeous and exotic creature of the forest.

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