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Your Hammer is So … Big! Avengers Costumes for 2012

Who says you have to be “under this height” to love The Avengers? Sure, Avengers costumes are great for kids, and there’s nothing quite as grand as seeing your children dress up as Thor and Loki and then beat the heck out of each other. (Er … you know we’re kidding, right?)

The thing is, you can have a lot more fun by dressing up as The Avengers for your own adult party, whether you want to attend a private party, a comic convention or a movie premiere. We saw some dynamite costumes in The Avengers and they’re all available for purchase online and in costume stores around the country.

Black Widow Sexy catsuit Avengers Halloween costumeThe Avengers costumes are not just fun – they’re downright fashionable, avant-garde, and, of course, sexy! You’re probably thinking of Black Widow’s ultra-hot, ultra-tight outfit, aren’t you? (And we’re not just talking to the men, here.) Yes, if you go to the local tavern all dolled up in this you will get plenty of KGB interrogation pickup lines.

Here’s a better idea though: the woman goes as Black Widow and the man goes as Hawkeye. It’s fairly obvious from watching the film that the team members have some past romantic connection between them. And sure, muscle-bound Jeremy Renner is female eye candy just as Black Widow melts so dreamily in the hearts of men everywhere. A sexy power couple costume is a great way to make an entrance!

If you’re single and enjoying your bachelorhood, why not go as playboy Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man?) “Iron Man” is a very kinky identity, as the name strongly implies you have some iron-like abilities in the bedroom. Grow an RDJ goatee for extra sexiness points!

Of course, if you’ve got the body of a god then there’s no sense in hiding it behind layers of fake metal alloy. Flaunt those muscular limbs with a Thor costume! Make cheesy jokes about the size of your hammer and then steal quotes from the first Thor movie like “The answers you seek shall be yours, once I claim what is mine.” (Best said while staring at a hot woman’s chest) Or, “Would you like to see the bridge we spoke of?” Or even better, “Give me one of those large enough to ride!” (All right, that one might not work so well)

Just make sure you have the long flowing hair or a wig to match, since that creates Thor’s unmistakable presence. Who knows? Try this one out and maybe you’ll attract a girl that looks like Natalie Portman. Or even better, the Black Swan Natalia Portman …

Last but not least, let’s bow our heads to Captain America. Captain America is not dashing and sexy in the modern way, but does bring to mind a very charming and confident man of yesteryear – The Greatest Generation Soldier, strong, courageous and an all-American boy of chivalry (the good kind). What woman doesn’t love a man in uniform? And a man that’s approximately 100 years old? Well, some girls are attracted to older men. He does have Charles Xavier beat, right?

Halloween is just around the corner and comic conventions follow. Why not get into the spirit not just of Halloween but also of The Avengers, the most prolific comic book of the modern era!

Click "GO" below to find these adult costumes!

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